Feb. 11th.

Up early morning and packing my backs before riding into the sunset. I’m moody. I’m suddenly having second thoughts about going. It's soooo hard saying goodbye to my 5-year old kid - I hate it. We actually did it last night just to take off the pressure this morning. What if I’m dying over there, the plane crashes - you know - all kinds of shit you can possibly think of.
I’m done and about to call a taxi. I have a train to catch because I’m going to Düsseldorf where Henning lives. I am staying the night at Henning’s and flying from Frankfurt, Germany the next day.
I have a shit load of luggage and guess who’s in front of me when I’m just about to leave home - my son. The moment he sees me he starts crying - Ohh no..!
That was too much for me and we were both cried like babies. It was kinda nice since I haven’t cried for ages. With tearstained and red rimmed eyes I finally ended up in Düsseldorf, Germany. A 5 1/2 hour trip.
At 4:25 pm Henning picked me up. We had a local beer at a local Bierstube before we drove to Henning’s flat in Metmann outside Düsseldorf.
I was still moody. This was still day one - two months to go..!
I saw Henning's girlfriend Verena. They live together in a small flat. The walls are covered with pictures and posters showing mainly 80’s heavy metal stuff. It surprised me that there was a huge model of Robbie Williams on the floor. You could immediately tell that this was the home of a musician. It was nice and I tried to relax and look ahead.
Henning and I talked about interests in music and the task we were going to do together. Just bonding you know - like two dogs sniffing each others asses.
We had dinner (Verena cooked) and a couple of beers. Being the only smoker I visited the outside balcony several times. I looked up. The sky was dark and the stars were sparkling. Not knowing if I was fronting a two months nightmare or adventure. I went to bed.
Still moody and now thinking about the last Euro tour Tramp and I did together. Chaos - all the frustrations - all the hopelessness - the worst nightmare a touring musician can ever imagine. But of course this was going to be different.

Feb. 12th.

Up the next morning after a good night sleep. Henning was packing and I was truly amazed by the amount of medical products that he was taking. He had a whole back filled with Vitamin C, ointments, pills for this and pills for that. He had travel insurance as well.
It was raining in Germany as we drove for 2 hours to Frankfurt International Airport. Henning said goodbye to Verena and now he was crying like a baby.
I had my last smoke for 15 hours before we took off at 1:30 pm. We landed some 8 hours later in Philadelphia. NO SMOKING..!!!
We got our luggage, but it was quickly taken again by 2 giggling guys. We waited for two hours and flew another 6 hours to LAX LA. The weather was nice at 9:21 pm when we landed, but our luggage was missing. We reported it and they told us to come back the next day.
Troy, Tramp and Adam came after an hour. We were finally united.
We jumped into Troy’s car and drove to Burbank where Troy lives. While driving we were listening to “Terrorizing Telemarketers” which is popular over there at the moment without knowing that Jim Bob, Blade and Junkyard Willie should become the tour mantra.
Jamie was sitting at Troy’s place when we got back working on his guitars. Jamie and I bonded very quickly because we’re both smokers.
Time to go to bed after a loooong day. Troy had a spare toothbrush for me now that all my luggage was travelling around the US on its own.

Feb. 13th.

Woke up looking at Troy’s lizards. Today we were starting rehearsals and every body was looking forward to play together. We were all excited about how we would lock in as a band being picked from each corner of the world.
Henning’s keyboard was with our luggage and somewhere in the US. I was provided a Gallien-Krueger bass rig and Freak of Nature bass player Jerry Best provided a black Fender P-bass with Quarter Pound Pickups.
After getting ready we played and it sounded promising. We played loud as fuck and drank some 2.99’ers. (Very cheap 6-pack beer cans).
Henning was a bit disappointed that we didn’t stick 100% to the original versions. We rehearsed the whole day and Tramps White Lion was created and together.

Feb. 14th,15th ,16th, 17th, 18th & 19th.

The weather was nice the first 2-3 days we were in LA. Then the rain started. We had a lot of thunder as well, which is very rare in that area. We were rehearsing everyday, some days with Tramp and some days without. Everybody was preparing for the start of the tour on Feb. 20th.
After 4 days, Henning and I got our luggage which kinda saved the tour for us.
We also drove around in Troy’s car and saw Hollywood and other parts of LA. It was surreal to be in Hollywood. Walk of fame, Sunset Blvd. Every building had a history to be told. We were in Universal City and went to a Queensryche concert at the Universal Amphitheatre. We spent a lot of time at the Guitar Centre. It was like being in a movie - Limousines, jet set etc. We often visited the Cat Club at Sunset Blvd. Jamming and hanging out with other musicians. We met Dizzy Reed (Guns’n Roses), Slim Jim Phantom (Straycats), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) and a lot of other guys. We were at the legendary Rainbow Club, where we met Lemmy from Motörhead. We had the obligatory pictures taken and you can see some of them in the BACKSTAGE area on this website.
As the days passed by the rehearsals got better and better and the band really locked in. We also did great being together and having fun. The band was very focused and on Feb. 19th we felt ready to conquer America with some 80’s rock’n’roll.

BRICK BY BRICK, San Diego - Feb. 20th.

Today was the first gig on the tour. We didn’t have the bus yet and Troy had rented a mini bus with a trailer. We were all looking forward to get started and there was a good and abandoned vibe within the team. Tramp came to Troy’s place and was amazed by Jamie’s outfit - Jogging pants and Beatles boots.

“…do you think that Jimmy Page would wear that..?” Tramp asked and we were all laughing.
Tour start was in San Diego. A 2 1/2 hour drive south. We came to San Diego in the afternoon to an okay venue. It was quite big but had a very small backstage area. Jamie and I had to get used to the no smoking restrictions in California and smoked outside.
We were introduced to our soundman Joe Rega.

Joe is a wonderful person and actually a legend in his field. He did the sound for Cheap Trick and a lot of other big bands during the years. After load in we did a sound check. Tramp was pissed because his in ear monitor system didn’t work. There were three bands before TWL - two locals and Enuff Z’nuff. The guys from EZN showed up just before going on stage. They were nice and we all introduced ourselves.
Just before going on stage we were busy with the hair straightener and the eyeliner and the backstage looked like an average girl’s dressing room. We had a picture taken just before going on stage - without Tramp.

The gig was okay. There were a few mistakes during the set but that’s pretty common for a first show with a brand new band. The fans loved it and we were quite satisfied. In fact nothing special to write about. What springs to mind was Troy’s girlfriend Becca. She was having a very good time having some Jager shots - perhaps one too many. She ended up puking the backstage area and Troy had to take her home in her car. Tramp drove the bus and it was a tough drive with darkness and non stop rain. I was sitting next to him just to keep him awake while the others were sleeping in the back. It was very late at night and we didn’t see a couple of red lights but managed to get back to LA in one piece. It was time to go to bed before facing yet a couple of days in LA. We had to rehearse and relax before the real tour started.

Feb. 21st & 22nd.

There is nothing to write about really. We rehearsed and prepared. In the afternoon on the 22nd the guys from EZN came to Troy’s place. Chip, Johnny, Eric and Rubin. Rubin was Chip’s friend and was there to sell the merchandise and stuff.

It was the day where the bus was coming and we packed our stuff and went to the rehearsal room. The bus came and we moved in. Just to find out that we needed a trailer because the gear didn’t fit in the bays. It’s always a mess when 11 guys are moving in at the same time. The rain was pouring non stop outside. The bus was great. Far better than what I’m used to in Europe. During the night we managed to get a trailer and the bus drove to San Francisco while we were sleeping.

THE POUND, San Francisco - Feb. 23rd.

We came to San Francisco around noon. We had a hard time finding the venue but found it in an industrial area. The venue didn’t have any power and didn't have it for three days. We did our load in and started to put up our gear. Henning knows a German girl, Anna, who lives in San Francisco and she came in her Beetle Volkswagen and took Jamie, Henning and I for a sightseeing trip. She showed us the classic sights of San Fran - Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Haight & Ashberry and the "gay" area. It’s a very charming city with an obvious European influence. After a couple of hours we came back to The Pound. There was no power yet and it was starting to look like a fucking circus. Why didn’t they arrange to have a generator? I mean, they've had this problem for three days..!!! I remember that I had to take a shit on their toilet in absolute total darkness. One from the staff gave me a tiny maclite but the batteries were low. After the delivery I found out that there was no toilet paper - he he shit happens..!!!
As time went by it became clear that we had to cancel. They were not able to get the power back and we already had around 100 fans outside.
Troy and I talked about putting up the merch and do meet’n greet and say hi to the fans. I got the merch and we put up a table in front of the stage. It was great and we did quite good. The fans loved it and were not pissed about it at all.

After the show we had to settle with the locals. Troy did the talking as Joe and I acted as bouncers. It was yet another fucking nightmare. The local guy didn’t wanna pay in full because we didn’t play. Well we couldn’t play because they didn’t have any power. Then he said that he didn’t have any money etc. etc. I guess it took 1 1/2 hours and some threatening and reconciliation before we left. At three in the morning I was in bed.

ROADHOUSE, Sacramento - Feb. 24th.

We had a 100 mile drive to Sacramento. It was cozy and relaxed and the vibe was good. Some were watching movies, others were sitting with their laptops. Tramp was struggling with an infection on his throat. Jamie had the flu during rehearsals in LA and now Tramps got it. Virus travels fast with the air condition on a tour bus.
We came to the venue around 2 pm. Henning, Jamie, Adam and I went to a mall before load in at 5 pm. Joe was complaining because he had to redo the whole PA system. That gave us a delay with the sound check but we didn’t have any local openers today. Only EZN and TWL. We did our sound check and it sounded like shit.
Tramp really had a sore throat and was stressed out because of that. EZN went on stage a little late while Troy and I did the eyeliner stuff. I bought some black nail polish and we did that as well. We listened to some rock’n’roll and had a few beers while getting ready to rock. The local announcer introduced us before we were even on stage and after a couple of minutes of silence we came in during our Cheap Trick intro. …..Well I can’t stop the music……
There were absolutely no people in there (around 100) and the stage sound didn’t help us. After a nervous start we rocked. It was loud, energetic, sweaty and cool. We did a great show and the fans loved it. After meet’n greet the trailer was packed. Adam did it and was very proud of his work - not knowing that he forgot Tramps rack and stand. Adam is from Australia and was in the US to do some footage and be a roadie. We were all tired and got to bed after a few beers.

BOURBON STREET, Concord - Feb. 25th.

Wake up at 10 pm because I wanted to call my son. We were 9 hours behind in California which meant that it was 7 pm in Denmark. My son, he didn’t give a shit that his father was on the phone. He was watching Disney on TV..!
It was a calm morning on the bus. Still on our way to Concord which is between San Francisco and Sacramento. The venue was placed in a shopping area. There were a lot of fast-food restaurants and beauty shops. The venue was great and the load in likewise. Except from when somebody asked for Mikes rack and stand. Holy shit - Adam forgot it in Sacramento. Tramp was furious. All hell broke lose. Tramp was still fighting the virus and he talked about cancelling the whole tour if the rack didn’t show up. Troy and Adam somehow managed to get it and the TWL camp was calm again.
We booked a hotel room for Tramp and prepared for the show. It was a late show because of three openers before EZN and TWL.
At midnight TWL came on stage and played a great show. The house was packed and it was all fun. We had a good stage vibe and the band was beginning to perform better.

After the show we all went for a shower at the hotel and got to bed. We had a long drive to Las Vegas and I wanted to get up to discover the desert. You know - shoot some video and take some pictures - be a fucking tourist..!

TAILSPIN, Las Vegas - Feb. 26th.

It was a beautiful drive through the desert - AMAZING..! I was sitting next to Ellis (our driver) almost the whole trip. Everybody was in their bunks sleeping except for Joe who was sleeping on the sofa. I was a bit excited whether I got to see Las Vegas or not. Well I didn’t. The venue was on the outskirts of the Las Vegas borderline near the airport. Tailspin was a joke. A very small bar with a very small stage and a no use PA system. It soon became clear that we were just given the opportunity to rehearse the set this evening. The vibe was a bit off and I had a day where I was annoyed by everybody without knowing why. The good thing was that we had the chance to skip the fast-food and order some real meat. Well, I ordered a St. Louis Burger with fries..! How stupid is that..?
Joe was pissed about the shitty PA system and the lack of microphones for the drum set. We managed to get our shit together and sound checked. Now we had four hours before showtime. I was back on the bus relaxing and waiting. The weather was nice outside but there was nowhere to go.
The venue was totally packed when we got on stage and the vibe was abandoned. We were rocking but during LOVE DON’T COME EASY the PA system blew and nobody could hear Mike. It came back on after a couple of minutes and we continued. Mike was still struggling with the flu and we had to cut the set a bit.
There were two bands playing after us and they were eager getting their shit on stage before we had ours off stage. Not all on the TWL/EZN team were helping loading out and there was a lot of tension but we finally managed to pack the trailer. I had a couple of beers with Joe on the bus before we went back to Tailspin. We had a few beers before hitting the bunk.

THE LAUNCHPAD, Albuquerque - Feb. 27th.

Woke up and had a cup of “Mississippi Mud” (coffee) with Rubin. We almost did that little ritual every morning because we were always up early. We were in New Mexico and on our way to Albuquerque 200 miles away. At 4 pm we arrived and it seemed like a ghost town. No people in spite of the fact that we were on the strip. The sun was shining but it was cold and windy. I had an awful day. I was sick and tired of being on the bus and everybody was still annoying me. Not that I had a reason - that’s just the way it is in the beginning of a tour. I was also feeling like shit. You know - my nose was stuffed and my throat was aching. I was feeling dizzy from the long drive. Actually I was about to quit my career as a Rockstar, thinking to myself, “…There’s gotta be more to life than this..!” - he he..!
I made sure that I was walking by myself the whole day. I went to the Library Bar and had lunch with Tramp. Chicken salad. We had a good talk and Tramp is NEVER annoying me in any way. We went back to the Launchpad (venue) and the shit was already on stage. Henning was of course in the front and we had to ask him to move back a bit. Henning was pissed because it was the same problem at every gig. That’s the curse of playing keyboards - you have to move back on stage to make space for the fucking bass player.
We did sound check and went back on the bus. Troy and I went to a hotel room and chilled. That was just what I needed and my mind was eased when we were back on the bus at 9 pm.
We played a great show in front of an excellent crowd. But it was obvious that there were a lot of tension on the bus. After the show all of us got together, and we sorted it out. That night I had my own hotelroom but without a toilet. Adam clogged it. It was nice to get off the buss and be alone for once. Tramp and I had a little conversation via txt messages and I got to bed.

DAY OFF, Albuquerque - Feb. 28th.

I woke up just to find out that the lock has jammed to the bathroom. FUCK - I couldn’t get a shower. I went to Henning’s room. He was ill and looked like shit. I had a shower though and wanted to go Old Town Albuquerque (Indian stuff etc.).
I asked some locals for direction and they told me it was a five minute walk. It wasn’t. More like two miles. When I got to the Old Town there was really nothing exciting to see. It was mainly tourism and not interesting at all. I went back on the bus and Johnny Monaco (guitar & vocal EZN) was feeling like shit. He had the virus and had to go to bed. I went back to the Library Bar to get some lunch and I was amazed by the outfits the waitresses were wearing (nothing..!). I had a chicken wrap and some fries.
In the afternoon the bus was rolling again. We had two days off and we were going to Amarillo, Texas for the night. That was a five hour drive and I was killing the time drinking beers - all by myself.
When we came to Amarillo the bus stopped by a Titty Bar. We went in there and it was a joke. The girls looked like shit and it was pretty surreal. Erik (drummer EZN) had a lap dance and the club manager gave us free shots and beers. When the club closed there was a white limousine outside to take us back to the bus.

Back on the bus which took us to a nearby hotel. Troy and I went to the business room and got on the internet to check mails and stuff. Their computers were very slow and Troy started redoing the whole damn thing. Suddenly one of the computers were dead. We were still having beers and having fun. At 6 in the morning the hotel manager threw us out. He was VERY angry and accused us of everything. He was from India or Pakistan and Troy and I nearly died from laughing when he was screaming, “…Do you have no manners..? - “..I call police, you silly people...” and stuff like that - you know - with that funny accent.
It was late and we got to bed.

DAY OFF, Amarillo - Mar. 1st.

We had a six hour drive to Dallas but before leaving Amarillo, Troy, Mike and I packed and posted some merch. We went to a Waffle House and got some brunch.

I was still tired and took a nap. When I woke up we were in Dallas and it was late evening. The bus was parked by a hotel and Ellis told us that there was another Titty Bar just one mile away - The Penthouse Bar. We hired a taxi and left. This place was nicer than the one in Amarillo. Chip was on top and he arranged for us to sit in the VIP lounge. The club DJ kept on announcing that White Lion and Enuff Z’nuff were in the house, I wish they would stop calling it White Lion, It's Tramps White Lion for fucks sake and they served us shots and beers. It was cozy but absolutely nothing to get turned on about. At 2 am the bar closed and there was another limousine to pick us up - The American way huh..?
Henning was so pissed about his flu because he missed all the fun - he thought.
Had a beer and got to bed.

FIREWATER, Dallas - Mar. 2nd.

I woke up early and went to bed again but couldn’t sleep. I felt like shit. But I refused to accept the fact that I was going to get the virus so I just got out of bed. Joe also had the virus as well and is asleep on the sofa. The bus is parked at the Venue - Firewater. It’s a nice place with an open air stage and an indoor stage. It was raining and it was obvious that we moved inside. There was a nice PA system and the treatment was above average. We had nice food and everything we wanted. I made sure to eat some garlic and ginger just to get rid of the virus and get some energy - and it helped. Being in Dallas I really wanted to visit the place where Kennedy was shot, but I didn’t get the chance. It was too far away.
We had a cozy afternoon and I changed some strings and prepared for the show. The sound check was okay and we were playing VERY loud on stage. For the first time I was wearing earplugs. I gave my heart to rock’n’roll but only part of my ears. Mike is at a nearby hotel and I haven’t had a shower for three days (Albuquerque- I probably had stinky ass). Another bus-wash with cold water and some baby wipes and then some cologne - you know - rock’n’roll..!
Henning was still ill and lying in his bunk.

Mike came back and we were ready to go on stage. Henning said that he was nearly dying and couldn’t sing. He was afraid he was going to faint on stage. My stomach was aching and I felt like shitting my pants the first half of the show. Jamie was feeling bad too. He puked just before going on stage and played his worst gig on the entire tour.
We managed to play the gig before going to the merch for meet’n greet. Henning went straight to a hotel room and to bed. Troy and I did the load out. The rest of the guys were suddenly gone - typical..! Adam was drunk and I was pissed that people were not acting like grown ups. We had a job to do before getting drunk.
I was back on the bus. It was only Joe and I talking the whole night. The rest of the guys were out having fun. 5:30 in the morning I was in my bunk.

SANCTUARY, San Antonio - Mar. 3rd.

Troy woke me up at 10 and asked if I wanted a shower. We were parked at the Marriott Hotel in Dallas and it was fantastic having a shower. Henning was still complaining about his physical condition and it annoyed me a bit. We all felt like shit but some just complained more than others. Back on the bus Joe was snoring like a bear - “Krrrrrrrrrrrr-pfffffffff-zZZZzzzzz…!
Holy shit I have never heard anything like that..! he he.
I felt a little tired and got back to my bunk and woke up in San Antonio. The weather was nice but the venue was a little worn out. Again we were outside town and there was really nothing to see. I had a piece of Pepperoni Pizza (again) and went for sound check. We didn’t have any monitors on stage but the stage sound was actually great - for once. We were focused on backing up each other a little more on stage to make the over all performance better. The fans were loud and wild and we played an excellent show. The stage light was chaos (as usual) but it was a good show.

It was time for load out and back in bed.

DAY OFF, driving through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida - Mar. 4th.

I woke up at 8 am because the bus started rolling. We had a long ass drive to Florida. Rubin was up and had already made the “Mississippi Mud”. We chilled and watched a movie on Howard Stern. After that I was back in my bunk and woke up in the afternoon. We were in Louisiana. We had a truck stop in Mississippi and had dinner (Pepperoni Pizza). We had some coupons to get a shower. That was needed. At 8 pm the bus rolled again. I was in my bunk watching an old Clint Eastwood western on my lap top. Henning was still ill and in his bunk. I was feeling good. I got over the virus without getting ill. My plan had worked. The bus stopped in Tallahassee, Florida at a Holiday Inn Hotel for the night. I went into the reception and had a shitty cup of coffee before getting back to bed.

BOILER ROOM, Seminole - Mar. 5th.

I woke up at 10am. The bus just started a 5 hour drive to Seminole. There was a good vibe on the bus and the climate outside the windows got milder and better. The palm trees were back and all the convertible cars. We had a truck stop (Pepperoni Pizza) before we passed a big dam into Tampa and further on to Seminole. It was a great place. The sun was shining, it was warm and it was a great venue with nice facilities. There were actually two stages - a small one and a big one. We were joking Joe by telling him that we were playing the small stage because the big stage should host a “Battle of the bands”. Man, Joe was pissed. And I got it all on video tape. Troy and I were also joking with Henning by putting all his keyboards way back on stage. Henning wasn’t especially amused by that and looked like ready to take the next flight back to Germany.
There actually WAS a battle of the bands which meant 5 bands before EZN and TWL. Tramp was pissed about it but got better when he saw his old guitar player, John Wesley who came to visit. We sound checked and ate at the local restaurant (burgers). It tasted like shit and we went back on the bus just to find out that my bass didn’t work. Jamie and I fixed it and I was ready to go on stage.
There were a lot of people in there and the show was great. It was nice playing better venues more suitable for rock-shows. I didn’t have any monitors though and could only hear Henning’s keyboards and backing vocals. Henning was feeling better and singing again.

We were all happy when we walked off stage after 2 hours of rock’n’roll. Just after the show I was on the phone with my son Albert - it was his birthday. He was on top of the world back in Copenhagen, Denmark and it made me feel great knowing that he didn’t miss me that much. Off to bed after a perfect day.

ROCK STAR SALOON, Alpharetta - Mar. 6th.

I woke up in Alpharetta, Georgia. Alpharetta is a suburb to Atlanta and not very big. The bus was parked by a hotel and Troy and I went for a shower. At 4 pm the bus took us to The Rock Star Saloon. It was a nice venue - a wooden house western style. After load in we had a delicious dinner (some spicy chicken dish). We had a volume limit that night and we sound checked up to 100 db. After sound check Troy and I went back to the hotel. We chilled and cap’ed back to the bus to get dressed to kill. It was a nice show. The band was really locked in and performing as a rock band as well. The house was pretty packed and the fans loved it. Tramp was happy with the band and we had a nice evening enjoying ourselves.
At 2 am Ellis showed up and began another long ass drive to South Beach Miami, Florida. Chip was watching “Backstage Sluts #18” and after a while Pink Floyd came on the stereo - A passion Chip, Tramp and I share. It was 4 am and time to go to bed.

SEÑOR FROG’S, South Beach Miami - Mar. 7th.

I had slept for 10 hours so I was quite rested when I woke up. We were driving into Miami and it was like Paradise. Just the way I like it and it was an exquisite pleasure to step out of the bus this time. It felt like you were embraced by a warm and tender breeze. The sun was shining and the beach was just across the street. It was like therapy and everybody cheered up and smiled. Jamie, Henning and I went to the beach - aaaaahhhhhhh….!!!!!
The venue is on the strip and there are a lot of possibilities to go shopping. That’s exactly what I did without buying anything important. Everybody else was on the phone…

The venue was crap. Just a little bar really. They had made a stage out of tables put together, the PA system sucked but it didn’t matter cuz the vibe was great. They served us a nice lunch and we started loading in. It was spring break which means that all young people go to Miami to party, chill out and have fun. The bus was parked on the strip outside the venue and it was obvious that it was party time after the show. Jamie and I went for an evening walk by the beach - it was fantastic. We were really enjoying life and relaxing.

When we came back to the bus Tramp and I went to a hotel room to get a shower. We were both feeling great talking a bit about the future, our private lives etc. The club manager picked me up 1 1/2 hours later and when I was at Señor Frog’s there was a big party going on. There were thousands of people on the streets enjoying life. We had a couple of Corona’s and talked to people outside the bus. Show time was 1:15 am so everybody had to remind everybody about not getting drunk before that. There were three opening bands before EZN and things were already pretty wild inside. Some guy puked on Troy’s drum case.
Tramp got back from the hotel and we were getting ready to rock.
We got on stage and the house was rocking and people went crazy. We were quite amused and kicked ass. It was loud as fuck but no one seemed to care. We played for two hours and when we did the meet’n greet and load out, it was chaos. Imagine people everywhere just like an ants’ nest. After packing everything it was time to party and we did. It was inevitable and we did it the whole night. Tramp was back at the hotel so everybody was freaking out. When Tramp got back the next morning Jamie was still outside the venue drinking beers. Tramp was furious and was shouting at Jamie about him still being drunk and in his stage clothes etc. etc.
What a night..!

PURDY’S LOUNGE, Miami Beach - Mar. 8th.

I woke up as the bus was rolling to the next venue. We were all hung over. Purdy’s Lounge was by a little harbour next to Miami Beach Police. The venue was crap - a lounge - one square room with some pool tables and a bar. But anyway the two Miami gigs were kinda off the schedule. During the day I did nothing beside smoking cigarettes and walking around. Tramp was out shopping and found a skateboard for his son. He was also tattooed and he came back asking if I wanted to go. Troy and I wanted to go and we called a cab and drove to Washington Ave. at South Beach. I didn’t have a clue of what to get but believed that I would find out during the cab drive.
Well I wanted my sons name on my arm and there I was under the needles again.

Troy had a butterfly with a skull. Tramp was entertaining us and very proud of “his boyz”. After the ink we ate some pizza slices and got a cab back to the Purdy’s Lounge. There were a lot of people waiting for TWL already.
We were on stage at 1 am and Tramp’s wireless microphone didn’t work. Boy he was mad. When we came to CRY FOR FREEDOM he left the stage for Adam and Joe to solve the problem. They did and we continued. After that we actually played a kick ass show even though we were all tired from last night. It was very powerful and we played extra encore that night.
Then there was an after party on the bus. I was in the back lounge with Tramp chilling out and awfully tired. I spent 2 wonderful days in Miami that I’ll never forget. So long Miami - c’ya later..!

AMOS’ SOUTHEND, Charlotte - Mar. 9th.

When I woke up Rubin was ready with a nice cup of “Mississippi Mud”. It was 2 pm and we would hit Charlotte at 6 pm. Not much to tell really. Troy told me that Tramp shouted at Jamie again last night while I was asleep. It was because of the amount of beers that Jamie consumed - he he..!
We had a truck stop 30 miles from Charlotte where I had a Pepperoni slice and bought some smokes.

We started the load in right away on the triangle stage at Amos’ Southend. Time was flying and we were ready for sound check. Tramp was at a nearby hotel and we actually did a great sound check. It sounded perfect for once and we were looking forward to rock later. Further more we had no opening bands - Just EZN and TWL. That didn’t prevent EZN from delaying the schedule a bit while we got ready. We had a band picture taken that evening.

It was great walking on stage. The fans made a lot of noise and we enjoyed playing. Hitting the east cost venues seemed a lot better than in the south and the west. The band was toxic from the first note. Great sound, rock’n’roll energy, nice lights and Tramp was on top. This was a real rock’n’roll show and we were all high after the show.
After loading out a lady took us to Tramps hotel room for a shower (it’s been three days, another stinky ass). Back on the bus at 6 in the morning looking at a four hour drive to Jacksonville.

PLANET ROCK, Jacksonville - Mar. 10th.

I woke up in the afternoon. The bus was parked outside the venue. During the drive Tramp had to shit in a plastic bag on the bus toilet. It was a great venue with showers, clean toilets, Internet and a hotel across the street where we could do some laundry. I gathered all my dirty clothes and walked to the hotel. What a relief that I didn’t have to think about doing laundry the next two weeks. No sound check because of all the opening bands and it sounded like shit when we came on stage. There were not a lot of people but we felt good anyway - it is what it is..! Adam was video taping and we tried to pose in front of the camera to get some cool shots on tape.
At the meet’n greet after the show Troy met a guy who was a tattoo artist. He had noticed that Troy and I had fresh ink and asked us if we wanted some more. Well - why not..? Tramp, Troy, Erik and I went to his tattoo shop at 2:30 in the morning. The tattoo artist (Bert) called for some strippers but in vain. We had fun.
I was the first under the needles. I decided to get my sons first drawing (a happy face). Troy got his zodiac (cancer) on his right wrist. Eric got a blue star with rays circling around and Tramp got nothing. Bert didn’t want any money but we gave him a little tip anyway and thanked him a lot. His friend drove Troy, Tramp and I home in a pick-up truck while Erik was tattooed. Tramp was lying on the truck body in 30 Fahrenheit weather - brrrrrr…!


JAXX, Springfield - Mar. 11th.

It was a rainy day but the sun started to shine as we parked next to Jaxx. We were in Virginia - home of tobacco. It was a great venue with state of the art facilities. They had just got a brand new mixing desk and that made Joe happy. Tramp and I counted the merch and we were all relaxed and chilling.

We did some shopping (Nail polish remover) and came back for sound check. Adam set up all our video cameras (4) because this was a perfect place to get some nice shots. We audio recorded the show as well. TWL got on stage at 11:30 pm and did a sublime act. The house was quite packed and there was a high level energy on as well as off stage.
The bus was partying after the show almost every night now with Chip as a fit host. The video footage came out great as well as the audio recordings.

THE HOUSE OF ROCK, Baltimore - Mar. 12th.

We were now in Maryland and I woke up as the bus came to the venue. I had one of those days where I was annoyed about people being around me 24/7.
Snuggles came with her friend Angela and they brought some home made pasta, Italian bread and brownies - Mmmm..! Inside the venue there were no people at all and we had to wait with the load in. After a while Troy and I did the load in. When I got back on the bus Adam was editing a little teaser for Tramp’s website - LADY OF THE VALLEY. We had a lot of fun doing that.
Snuggles and I talked a lot about everything and smoked a lot of cigarettes and sumtn’..! Snuggles is a very sweet person and very down to earth, not to mention she has big tits! She cooks good too! Kind of a new found sister!
During sound check Jamie was making so much noise that it got to every ones nerves. It’s a guitar player syndrome in general. After sound check we had dinner on the bus - guess what - Pepperoni pizza…!!!!
I tried to stay alone but that’s pretty impossible on a bus with 11 people plus guests. Chip had some friends on the bus.
The venue was packed and we played a kick ass show - ask Snuggles.

Meet’n greet after the show with the usual signing, taking pictures and meeting nice people. When we got back on the bus Chip was throwing a party. Snuggles took Henning, Adam, Jamie and me to a hotel room for a quick shower. Adam yet again, clogged up the toilet. I was soooooo tired and fell asleep as I hit my pillow.

THE WEBSTER THEATER, Hartford - Mar. 13th.

I woke up at 1:30 pm and the bus was parked outside a hotel in Hartford, Connecticut. There was snow outside and it was pretty cold. We all walked in and out the hotel checking e-mails, having showers and stuff.
We were at the venue at around 4 pm. It was a big theatre with 1250 seats. There were 4 opening bands before EZN and TWL and that meant NO sound check.
Henning’s girlfriend came all the way from Germany which meant that Henning got off the buss for a couple of days.
I was cleaning the bus instead of sitting on my ass waiting for something to happen. There is really not much to do while you’re on the road but waiting. Everybody is sitting with their lap tops or cell phones sending text messages.

We were in a bad ass neighbourhood and nobody told me. I went to a gas station to buy some smokes and was approached by bad guys several times. It soon became clear to me that I had to get back on the bus a.s.a.p. and I did.
Chip told us that there was a chance that we were on the Howard Stern show the next morning but nobody believed him. Tramp is in a hotel and the guys are having a beer.
Time passed and we were about to go on stage. I guess there were 250-300 people inside the venue - ooops..! But we didn’t mind and played loud rock’n’roll for two hours. The band got better day by day and it was a pleasure being on stage.
We did a quick load out after the show because we wanted to get to New York as quick as possible. Tramp and I packed some merch before hitting the bunks.

DAY OFF, New York - Mar. 14th.

The reason why we were in New York was that EZN was playing the Continental. I was really happy with that because I suddenly got the chance to see “The Big Apple”.
I woke up and the bus was parked at the corner of 3rd Ave. and 9th Street. The sun was shining but it was damn cold and I walked outside the bus smoking a fag. Tramp got out of bed and we arranged going to Ground Zero seeing the big crater after 9/11. Tramp was meeting some old friends later but had some hours for showing me Manhatten. Tramp, Jamie, Adam and I took a cab to Ground Zero. It was amazing to be there. Just trying to imagine the chaos there must have been and now see that life goes on. It had a great impact on me. It was like 3-4 blocks was blown away. Tramp and I posed for a picture of course.

NYC is an amazing city. It must be the capital of the world. A great pulse 24/7-365. It is big and clumsy but at the same time beautiful and structured. After visiting Ground Zero we went into a Starbucks for a cup of coffee before we took the Metro to Time Square - another amazing place where Adam and I posed for yet another picture.

After a while we were in a yellow cab again. I wanted to see the Dakota Building where John Lennon lived and was killed in 1980. The Dakota Building is right next to Central Park and we stopped and it was a very special moment being there. Being the biggest Lennon fan, it was almost a religious moment to me. It was over there that my hero was killed by a freak (Mark Chapman)

I caught myself just wanting to stay there looking in the arch and sing Lennon songs in my head. Tramp was more sober about it and we went across the street into Strawberry Fields. A little part of Central Park dedicated to John Lennon and his fans. There was a beautiful mosaic saying IMAGINE. The birds were singing and it was very peaceful. It was hard to imagine that we were in the middle of NYC.

We went back towards the Dakota Building and I had a few extra camera shots of the house. We took the metro back for 20 minutes and got off. We were near the bus and passed the legendary punk club CBGB. Mike also showed us the building where WL made the WAIT video as we passed it. On our way back we saw the Empire State Building before getting on the bus again. Jamie, Troy and I went to Snuggles hotel room for a shower. I got out of the shower and I swear she was trying to pull my towel off, I suppose she really could have if she tried, better luck next time baby! We all wanted to see EZN at the Continental same evening. We came in in the middle of their set and got drunk, he he..
Rubin was in there struggling with the merch and he was very happy to see us. That’s why we celebrated drinking shots, drinks and beers. Rubin gave us free drink tickets, they helped a lot and then Joe had a few more extra drink tickets. More free booze! All that booze must have gotten Troy drunk as he spilled a drink down Snuggles shirt.
Chip was actually on Howard Stern show this morning and Stern had invited us to a titty bar called Scores. All we should do was tell the bouncers “Howard Stern” and we would have special treatment. After the EZN gig was over Jamie, Troy, Snuggles and I got a cab and drove to Scores only to find that the EZN guys wasn’t there. The cab driver took us to the wrong one. While in the cab, Jamie was in the front with the driver and wouldn’t stop talking, so we closed the divider to the back and what do you know, Jamie is still talking. We found out that there’s a Scores West and a Scores East and that we had picked the wrong one. Back in a cab and off to the other one. We had very special treatment and were guided to the Champagne Lounge upstairs. We ordered some $10 beers and start talking to the girls. One of Chip’s friends apparently bought me a lap dance. That was my debut. It was quite inappropriate watching her squeezing her tits and ass against my face and I was more into talking. Snuggles was sitting next to me as the girl kept putting her ass in her face. She was nice and from Texas, but had to go the moment she felt that I was no use. After a while the girls rotated and it started all over again. Troy and I were having fun laughing at the situation.
The bus was calm when we got back. I was sitting by the table and saw some chocolate lying there. Mmmm - just what I needed. I tasted funny though and after I ate half of it I looked at the paper. It was some of Chips Cannabis Chocolate. That was my cue - off to bed and bye bye NYC.

DINGBATZ, Clifton- Mar. 15th.

I got out of bed around 10 pm. The bus looked like shit. Obviously there had been a pot-smoking competition after I got to bed last night. There was a bus call at noon but nobody showed up. I went out for a smoke and when I got back the bus was locked - FUCK..!
Somebody took a picture of me while I was furiously running around the bus. (Adam)

I managed to get on the bus again and started cleaning it up. At 2 pm the bus rolled and we were going to New Jersey. I took some great pictures while driving through NYC and New Jersey shooting the NYC skyline. Snuggles and Angela were following the bus the whole time, she even cut a NYPD officer out in traffic so she wouldn’t lose the bus. We went through the Lincoln Tunnel where a truck cut her off and ended up hitting her car, good thing they were ok.
We parked at hotel Howard Johnson’s and I went for a shit, a shower and a shave.
Clifton looks like a little Danish village. Dingbatz was a tiny venue and the guy in there was a moron. Joe was arguing with him about how to use the PA system.
We did the load in without putting the gear on stage and there were 2 opening bands before EZN and TWL. No sound check. I had a pepperoni pizza and some fries at Dingo’s (restaurant across the street). Henning and his girlfriend were back on the bus and I got in my bunk. Dingbatz was PACKED, it was hot as shit inside and cold outside. We couldn’t get the merch in there.
The opening bands were awful and the backstage toilet was clogged, could it be Adam on the loose again..? or sumtn' and there was water all over the floor. Mike had 2 visitors on the bus. The two Italian brothers who used to be managers for WL. It was fun to hear some of their stories.
When we got on stage I couldn’t hear anything beside Henning. Man I was pissed. I was so tired of compromising all the time so I just kept on turning up my volume.

In the part of the set where Henning and Tramp played alone I broke a cigarette filter and put it in my ears. Henning’s monitor was still way too fucking loud and I nearly got deaf.
The house was packed and the roof was getting loose but I was just concentrating on staying alive. After the show we did the meet’n greet on stage. There was this guy dressed as a banana. He came from Metal Sludge and kept claiming that it was his birthday. Troy told me that he was cool and that we should have a picture with him. So we did…

After the meet’n greet a Danish guy came to me and said hi. I was amazed. I haven’t been talking Danish for weeks and it was nice speaking my mothers tongue again. He came all the way from Denmark to see TWL. Rock’n’roll I say..!
We packed the trailer and wanted to get going a.s.a.p.
Suddenly Tramp was pissed. Somebody spilled a beer over Adams lap top and nobody knew about it. It was a disaster. We had all our footage and audio recordings on that lap top and now it didn’t work at all. Time to go to bed.

ROCK’N’ROLL HEAVEN, Buffalo- Mar. 16th.

I woke up at 2 pm after a 9 hour sleep. The bus was outside the venue parked next to piles of snow. The sun was shining and the air was clear and fresh. This is upstate New York and obviously pretty close to Niagara Falls.
Tramp, Troy, Jamie and I went to a Denny’s for breakfast (Pepperoni Pizza). After that into a second hand shop where we bought some fun stuff.
We started the load in with a relaxed vibe. Henning wasn’t there so Troy, Jamie and I did the sound check alone - Huuuuuungry…!
We decided to surprise Tramp in the band presentation part and we rehearsed Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy), Immigrant song (Led Zeppelin) and Back in Black (AC/DC).
Tramp showed up from his hotel room and we were ready to go. The house was packed and we did a great gig. Tramp had a bit of a problem with his voice again though (Damn virus).

I ate the rest of my pizza after load out and got to bed. Another day at the office was over.

DOWNTOWN, Farmingdale - Mar. 17th.

I woke up early. We had a new driver for a couple of days. Tramp was feeling ill again telling me that it was like everything was stuck in his chest. He called his doctor in LA and had a prescription send to the local pharmacy. We were in Long Island. The venue is nice and clean. That means a lot, you know - clean toilets! I hate taking a dump on trashy toilets. Then I’d rather wait - I can go for days..!
Joe and I did the load in. Everybody else was doing various stuff. I was putting up Troy’s drum set and was actually quite amused with that. I used to play drums for 15 years and I’ve kinda done that before. With no TWL guys I did sound check with Monaco and Erik. We played a couple of EZN songs and had fun. Johnny is a fantastic guitar player and I dig his style.
I was happy being alone and I counted the merch with the obligatory smoke in my mouth. Troy got back and asked for my laptop. He wanted to do the tour diary for Metal Sludge.
We had a new box of t-shirts delivered by WL’s Italian manager George. I went back to the venue and to Troy in the basement. He was sitting with Don Jamieson who is a hot shot comedian together with Jim Florentine. They make terrorizing phone calls and Upper Decker’s and shit. They just released a DVD called MEET THE CREEPS. You can find their link on this website. It was fun meeting Don Jamieson. We talked and had some pictures taken (after the show).

We got back on the bus and got dressed you know - eyeliner and shit. There were thousands of people on the bus and it was annoying. Tramp wasn’t ready for a rock’n’roll show. He was feeling like shit but cheered up when the Italians (George & Michael) was on the bus. I was never worried about Tramp. He’s the biggest “little fighter” I know on this planet.
We got on stage and did great and managed to rock another house “over there”. Before the encore Henning was complaining about his voice. Troy was then giving him shit because Tramp never complained. We got back and played encore and went for the meet’n greet. The rest of the evening was nothing special.

PEABODY’S, Cleveland - Mar. 18th.

I woke up because the bus was at a bus wash. It sounded like thunder. I went to the gas station to get some smokes and a Pepperoni slice. Man, there was a lot of crap you could buy in there, so I got out again quickly.
Peabody’s looked like an average German venue - old and black painted. We did the load in and right after the sound check. For the second time in my life I broke a string on the bass and further more the E-string. Holy fuck..! That incident kinda ended the sound check abruptly if you know what I mean, and we got back on the bus. And guess what… we actually went for a pizza. Mike was still pissed about the spilled beer over Adam’s laptop and we decided to have a meeting about it when we got back on the bus. Nobody knew about it and we came to the conclusion that there should be no more strangers on the bus. Everybody agreed and Tramp went to a hotel. I felt a little tired and went to my bunk for a nice lay down. At 9 pm somebody woke me up telling me that there were two girls to do an interview with me. I forgot all about that and I went into Peabody’s to do the interview. It was something that Farida had arranged and here I was. You can read the interview on
We are in Cleveland - the city of rock’n’roll and I’m looking forward to playing here. The house is packed and it’s gonna be fun. It was a nice thought that all these people came to see us. It’s sometimes a privilege being a rock’n’roller - but not when you have to take a shit on filthy toilets.
We were about to go on stage. Tramp was back and I was taping his in ear to his back - a ritual we did every night. He’s my brother and I love him.
When we got on stage all hell broke loose. It was an inferno with smoke, lights and loud rock’n’roll. The surroundings were great and the crowd was fantastic. We were jumping around like some 80’s heavy metal band and it felt right.
After the show and after the meet’n greet we were told to get upstairs. Motörhead was in the house and they wanted to party. It was great meeting those guys. We had a lot to drink and had fun talking trash. I didn’t know that their drummer was Swedish. So Mikkey Dee and I had a good Scandinavian conversation about life, fatherhood and rock’n’roll…

It was late at night and nobody did the load out. Troy - who was already packing his drums - got pissed because Jamie seemed to miss the load out day after day. They started shouting and calling each other names. It was like watching two girls (they both have long hair LOL and actually a great ass)
Jamie was so pissed that he decided to kick full power into a brick wall. How stupid is that..? That’s why Jamie was limping the rest of the tour he he.
Well after locking up the trailer I was back on the bus. Somebody brought some guests. They were telling racist jokes and they were not funny, just stupid. That’s why I went to bed.

HAYLOFT LIQUOR STAND, Detroit - Mar. 19th.

I woke up at 10 and Ellis was driving the bus again. We stopped at a truck stop where I fixed the merch. It was raining outside and everybody was asleep on the bus. I had the obligatory Pepperoni slice and some smokes before the bus rolled again heading to Michigan. Tramp and I was making fun of Henning - you know - joking about the war and stuff like that. Henning got the point and hit back but it was a no-win situation - two Danes versus one German.
The Hayloft LS was great. Cool light system and a nice stage. Everybody there was nice and did their best to make us feel comfortable. There was a great spirit on the team while we did the load in. There was also a nice backstage area with a clean bathroom and a shower. Further more there was a washing machine and I did my laundry for the last time on the tour.
Jamie was still limping and Tramp bought him a walking cane, a pair of slippers and something to wrap around. There was still a bit of a tension between Troy and Jamie until Troy said, “Hey bro, sorry about your foot”.
Believe it or not, but I had some delicious chicken, a shit, a shower and a shave. Man I felt on top of the world.
There was a photographer and he wanted to take some professional shots and burn them on a disc. We gave him access all area.
We struggled through a lousy sound check because the venue was letting people in while sound checking. But anyway it didn’t spoil my good mood at all.
Most of us were backstage instead of on the bus that night having a few beers and chilling.
It was fun on stage. Jamie couldn’t move because of his foot and the smoke machine went nuts. Mike was still having problems with his voice and I was backing him singing with his leads.

After the show I met some very nice people and was talking for hours. It was a wonderful day that I’ll never forget. I had yet another shower before hitting the bunk.

CHICAGO CITY LIMITS, Schaumburg - Mar. 20th.

I woke up a little late just to find out that most of the guys were at a hotel room showering etc. It was pretty cold outside and after a shower I went back to do the merch. Ellis got back and we drove to Chicago City Limits. It was a nice venue and the local staff gave us very special treatment. The vibe was relaxed and easy going. I was hungry like a wolf and was looking forward to our dinner. I had some pasta with chicken but it really needed a spicy edge to it. Troy ordered some spicy sauce and they gave us something called “Mad Dog Sauce”. I was pouring it all over my food and it was on fire when I ate it. Holy shit…!!! I nearly died! I had to leave my dinner and had tearstained eyes for a couple of hours. Troy had only like 2-3 drops of the sauce and went straight to the toilet after eating it.
There were some fans that had showed up early. I remember a guy with WL- and FON tattoos. Now that’s what I call a devoted fan. It was Sunday but we managed to find a mall and bought some stuff. Tramp stayed at the hotel and we were just chilling on the bus. No sound check cuz’ the stage wasn’t big enough to put up Troy’s drums (we had local support).
EZN played for an hour because we were in Chicago - their hometown. We pulled out a couple of songs from our set and went on stage on time (for once). The house was packed and it was fun. Tramp was STILL fighting to survive the virus but we did great. It seemed that the good gigs had no end.

Have a look at that picture - it looks like I have fucking pink skin. Gotta work a bit on my tan I guess.
After the show we met a lot of nice people at the meet’n’greet (huh Kristen..?) and after that some of us went to a private party in the neighbourhood. Jack D., Jaeger and booze’n beers were consumed before hitting the bunk on the bus VERY late.

RIVOLI THEATER, Monmouth - Mar. 21st.

Tramp woke me up pulling my curtain asking me if I wanted a shower. It was noon and we had a bus call. I ran to the hotel room just to find out that the key card didn’t work. I got another one at the reception and had a shower. After a very quick shower I was on the bus again but it didn’t start. Ellis had forgot to turn off the lights. Waiting, waiting, waiting for two hours before we rolled again. We watched the movie “School of Rock” which is a fantastic movie - GET IT..!!!
Rivoli Theater was a blast. Everything was new and we were the first international act to play there. The venue was big and so the stage. The PA system was new and every local guy was running fast just to make us feel comfortable.
We were late because of the problems with the bus. That’s why we did a very short sound check. Doors were at 7 and we had to get back on the bus. There were two local warm ups before EZN and TWL.
I was at the venue while EZN was playing and it sounded fantastic - powerful bassdrum and a full range sound in general. Only about 300-400 people showed up but they were nice and noisy when we got on stage. We changed a few things in the set and the vibe was unrestrained. Especially some of the girls in the crowd. They were very noisy and showed their boobs while we were playing. I could only imagine how it must have been in the 80’s (lucky bastards). I was shouting at Henning to film it but he was fucking concentrating on playing. He didn’t even see the boobs - tsk tsk - GERMANS..!!! I remember being a bit afraid of the meet’n greet because I was afraid of being confronted with boobs again (I’m a family man from a non-important little shithole in Scandinavia you know).

But it all went nice and easy and a local pizza guy served us late night pizzas after loading out. We ended up in the venue bar, where the manager provided us with all we could drink. Huuuuuuuuiiiiii…! Let’s end this night here…..!!!!!!
But thanks to Rivoli Theater for a great night! Thumbs up guys.

BUDDY AND PAL’S, Valparaiso - Mar. 22nd.

I got up early and everybody else was asleep. I kinda like these hours in the morning when I’m “alone” on the bus. I took Mike some herb tea and made me a cup just for the fuck of it, just to try something different. I didn’t know where we were. It seemed like we were parked in the middle of nowhere in front of a hotel. Jamie got up. His foot looked like shit, all black and swollen. I got off the bus for a smoke and did the merch. It was cold and windy. Rubin came out and told me that I could shower in their room. Somebody spilled beer in the back lounge and somebody puked in the bus toilet. Nobody admitted to it and we all became suspects. Troy had a really bad day arguing with everybody on the phone and on the bus. His brother came and picked him up and he was off the bus for a while. The tour has been going for a while now and people are starting to freak out. Hit by the “tour-bug” I guess..!
We got to Buddy and Pal’s which was basically just a bar. This was not really the place to throw a big rock’n’roll show but we loaded in. I had some chicken salad just to get away from the pepperoni pizzas. On stage Henning is on Jamie’s side because the keyboards didn’t fit my side. The sound check was okay. It sounded like in the rehearsal room but tight and okay.
Troy was back and feeling better. We had a few beers and stayed in the bar and chilled. This was actually the neighbourhood where Troy comes from and he expected a lot of friends this evening. As being on a bus for 5 weeks only dealing with men I was talking to “Prftangel” from the message board. It was great talking to a woman. She’s a wonderful person and we talked until I had to go on stage.
Back on the bus just to do the dressing and Troy’s Mom was there. Beetle he calls her. She was sweet and it was nice meeting her.

Tramp got on the bus and he was feeling great.
We got on stage and we had a great “little” show. It is what it is…! I didn’t feel like playing that night and was kinda happy when we played Radar Love. Why…? - because that’s the last song. We did meet’n greet and we were again hanging in the bar having shots and beers. We were sitting there for a couple of hours and then we had to move on. We said goodbye to Prfctangel and was back on the bus. This was the night when Joe bought 2 boxes of White Castle burgers and 1 million fries. We ate, chilled and got to bed.

SOKOL UNDERGROUND, Omaha - Mar. 23rd.

The bus was driving when I woke up. I was sitting next to Ellis looking at the cornfields out the window. “Welcome to Iowa baby” he said and I was amazed with what I saw. It seemed that the whole fucking state was one big cornfield.
We drove to Omaha hotel in Nebraska and had a shower. I washed my shirt in the bathroom sink and ironed it dry. At 4 pm we drove to the venue - The Sokol Underground. It looked like a huge theatre but there were no one to let us in. I got off the bus and somebody was screaming “Claaaaaus..!” It was Mindie from the message board. We talked for a couple of minutes and the staff at Sokol showed up.

Funny thing was that they didn’t let us in the big theatre but in the basement where there was a tiny room for small bands - he he. That was where we were at. Joe was pissed having to deal with yet another bad PA system. It was surreal but we loaded in and got ready to sound check. At 10:30 pm we were on stage and opened with Lights and Thunder. Holy shit - it went down the drain. None of us could hear anything and Troy got lost in the song. Man would it have been fun to stand in front of stage watching this. We must have looked like a bunch of fucking Neanderthals trying to end the song right - we didn’t…!
There was a huge feed back and Tramp was furious stopping the set waiting for the guys to fix the feedback. Tramp held one of his infamous “FUCK” speeches and after a while we were ready to continue. The rest of the show was fine but I never found the motivation - it sucked.!
We got through and did the meet’n greet with the 80 people that showed up.
The vibe was actually quite good after the gig and we had fun on the bus watching porn movies - argh ugh - brushed my teeth and got to bed.

THE BLUEBIRD THEATER, Denver - Mar. 24th.

I woke up and the bus was at a service stop and after that the usual hotel for a shower. Guess what - it was snowing outside and we were hanging at the hotel office e-mailing and stuff. Monaco and I had a piece of pepperoni pizza and a coke.
We drove to the venue at 4 pm and it looked great. It was a nice theatre and they had a pretty good presale of tickets. Load in was relaxed and Tramp picked me up saying that there was a tattoo artist on the other side of the street. Here we go again…
One of the best things I know is to be with Tramp at a tattoo place. He loves to guide me and tell me stuff. He’s my bro and I love him.
Tramp wanted to outline his dragon on his arm. Troy wanted to fix the awful “69” cancer sign he got in the North Carolina and I added another family name on my belly. The tattoo artist did a pretty good job especially fixing Troy.

TWL was on stage at 11 pm and I started off losing my strap. The monitor guy was quick and saw it and helped me out. The lights were great and we had a great gig. Tramp was on top!

Meet’n greet after the show and Joe and I were off to a 7/11 buying smokes and just being alone talking and getting off another “party-bus”. It was near the end of the tour and people didn't give a shit about the rules on the bus anymore.
When I was back on the bus a guy knocked on the door. I opened the window and the dude threw a TWL-shirt right in my face. He was pissed about something and told me to stick it up Tramps ass. He he. I had half a Corona and brushed my teeth and went to bed.

TRAVEL DAY, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California - Mar. 25th.

ZzzzZzzzzzZzzzzzzz..! Driving through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. ZzzZzzzzZzzzz. Having a smoke and a pizza. ZZzzzzZzZzzzz… Watching some DVD. ZzzZzzzzZZZzzzzZ..! Dinner on a gas station. ZzzZzzz.

Coming to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Santa Ana around midnight. Man, it was nice to be in the heat again with palm trees and shit. Went with Tramp to his room and had a future talk. Back on the bus and to bed.

THE GALAXY THEATER, Santa Ana - Mar. 26th.

It was so nice to wake up. The sun was shining and we had like 75 degrees. Now this was the right way to spend the last couple of days. There was a very good vibe. It’s amazing what impact the whether has on people. We went into the hotel and ate the breakfast that they were about to trash - and it was for free.
At 1 pm we drove to the Galaxy Theatre and it was a GREAT place. The load in was “great” and suddenly this ice cream man stopped by. It was a bus driving around backstage areas having musicians signing his bus and providing the ice cream. We all signed the bus and got some t-shirts. The sound check was great. We were solid and Tramp was watching us while playing. He was happy with what he heard - very happy.
Tramps friend Neil came (Photographer) and was there to shoot the gig. For the gig I borrowed Tramp’s denim shirt because my r’n’r clothes were dirty. The usual eye-liner was placed and I looked like fucking death. Anyway, the rest of the guys said it was cool and rock’n’roll.

EZN had a visitor. That was the original singer and guitar player Donnie Vie. They arranged that he should go on stage with them to do Fly high Michelle and New Thing. He did and I still think that Johnny Monaco is a far better singer than Donnie - sorry guys..!

I played the first songs in the set without the hat just to prove that I’m not bald. Then the hat was back on but my bass rig cut out and didn’t come back. I played the whole show without hearing any bass AT ALL. But it was kinda the best show we played..! Tramp was showing his beat sides and was very happy with the show.
At the end of the evening the bus ended up by the hotel again and we were now facing the last show on the tour tomorrow. Goodnite.

MALIBU INN, Malibu Beach - Mar. 27th.

I woke up and had a shower at Chips room. At 2 pm the bus rolled to LA to book the hotels. We drove through Beverly Hills and ended up on Sunset Blvd. again. It was nice to be back. Tramp, Jamie, Henning and I went to Tower Records and enjoyed life.

I went and bought some smokes before everybody were on the bus again rolling to Malibu. The venue was a mix between a small club and a bar. It was nice and clean and we did the load in while people were eating in the restaurant. They served us a great dinner and we did sound check with Erik because Troy was fixing a trailer in LA. We played “Rock’n’roll” by Led Zeppelin and were back on the bus. The beach was just on the other side of the street. It was the big final day and a lot of Tramps friends showed up. It was actually almost a reunion of Freak of Nature - Almost - Johnny Haro was missing.

It was also my chance to thank FON Bass player Jerry Best for letting me use his P-bass on this tour. He’s such a great guy. Tramp was excited by all these friends coming.
The gig was great except from the first three songs where we were facing another feedback issue. I had a tough gig playing in front of Jerry Best. OMG….!!!!!
I usually don’t give a shit about that but that day I apparently did give a shit.
After the show we were supposed to get packed and get back to LA in a hurry. But everybody decided to get drunk instead and it was a drag. We signed the kick drum head because we might use it as a gift later. After a while the bus was rolling back to LA again. EZN left us earlier because they were going to a party in LA. The bus was half empty and everybody had packed their stuff earlier.
But we managed to take a family picture before breaking up.

Troy drove Tramp back to LA in his van and we drove with the bus. Jamie was drunk out of his mind and Henning was pissed. Jamie is very talkative even when he’s not drunk and maybe you can imagine what happens when he’s drunk. It was late night and Henning and I were picked up at Troy’s place the next morning at 8:30. I decided not to go to bed. Jamie and I went to the Cat Club at Sunset Blvd. It was closed but we got in talking to Kenny (the manager). Man I was tired of waiting and listen to drunk people and it seemed that it would never end. Finally we got back to Troy’s place and it started raining again. Jamie was outside getting wet. I was just hanging and Troy couldn't stay up anymore. He was so wasted. Suddenly the cab was there and I woke up Henning and we said goodbye.


GOING HOME, US, Germany, Denmark - Mar. 27th & 28th.

It was morning rush hour and it took an hour to get from Troy’s place to LAX international airport. We checked in without any problems at all. Except from the 1 hour examination of me and my hand luggage. I almost got a finger up my ass. Well, too bad I didn’t. It would have been a perfect way to end this tour diary. Finally we were on the plane to San Francisco. It took an hour and a half. Henning and I didn’t talk a lot we were tired and just wanted to go home. After another hour and a half we boarded the Boeing 747 and had to say goodbye to US soil. That was a loooooong ass flight. Man I was having a hard time sitting on my ass 11 hours non stop watching awful movies and eating shitty food.
Everything has an end and suddenly we were in Frankfurt Germany. Henning was all excited. His girlfriend Verena was there to pick us up and they merged immediately after we got out. We had a cup of coffee and a mini bottle of champagne before I asked them to take me to the train station and go home and relax. Here started another nightmare. I waited for three hours by the track. I couldn’t go anywhere because of all my luggage. Then I had a 11 hour train ride with 5 shifts. FUUUUCK…!!! And I didn’t sleep at all. Last time I slept was in Santa Ana. I was in Copenhagen at 1 am in the morning. I found a cab and I was back home.


It was wonderful visiting the US for the first time and I had a blast. Before going I knew only Tramp but I found another 10 brothers on the bus and hundreds of friends across the Atlantic in the land where dreams come true.

A warm and deep-felt thank you to my brother Tramp (I love you).

…and to Jamie, Troy, Henning, Monaco, Chip, Erik, Adam, Rubin, Joe, Ellis, Snuggs, Angela, Kelli, Chris, Jerry, Kristen, Tami, Heather & friends, Andrea & friends, Slunt, all the venues with staff, all the tattoo artists, Motörhead and all the other rockstars I’ve met in LA and throughout the country.

Last and most important goes a big thanks to all the fans that showed us that there was a reason doing this crazy tour.

Love and peace,